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Dear residents of Magny le Hongre,

« You do not inherit the earth from your ancestors: you borrow it from your children », no matter whether it’s a Saint Exupéry quote or an Indian proverb, it is with this approach that I tender my candidacy for the office of mayor in the forthcoming municipal election in March 2020.

I entered local politics beside Jean Paul Balcou in 2008 and my experience now spans several years. In 2008, Mr Balcou appointed me deputy mayor in charge of the education delegation, then on to the urban design delegation in 2017. I am also a community advisor in Val d’Europe Agglomeration since 2014.

My history serving within Magny le Hongre’s city hall gives me the knowledge of the city’s inner workings that only comes with experience. As a deputy mayor in charge of educational affairs, I managed important cases such as the opening of two new schools, Charles Fauvet and Simone Veil as well as the implementation of the new school rhythms. In 2010 I initiated the dematerialised enrollment for after school extracurricular activities and as of 2013 our four schools have been progressively equipped with interactive whiteboards in their classrooms.

As deputy mayor in charge of Urban design, I have the responsibility of selecting the architectural and real estate programs for the north of the community. In 2019, I have also initiated the medical pole/center which will be implanted at the corner of Épinette and Grouette streets.

Through all these years I have sought to work with probity and integrity for the interest of all the residents of Magny le Hongre. In March 2020, new municipal elections await us and because I would like to pursue my commitment I decided to lead a politically independent rally.

Our team has many elected councilmen and councilwomen as well as residents of Magny le Hongre keen to invest and represent the interest of our community. Our actions will target families and adolescents as well economic and commercial growth.

Long term intergenerational projects, respectful of our environment, will make Magny le Hongre a modern and dynamic town in which all its inhabitants feel content.

In the upcoming years, we will face real financial and security challenges due to the on going decrease of the state allocated funds. However, our goal is to maintain the same level of service to the population. Therefore, we have foreseen an optimisation of our working process by using new connected technologies in order to facilitate several administrative procedures and to enable an efficient dialogue between the residents and the community services.

In order to build the Magny of tomorrow together, I urge you to share your ideas with us whether on line, during the weekly market or at any communal events.

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